Effective customer loyalty programmes

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Not ready for a loyalty programme? Start with a strategy session.

consultingA customer loyalty and rewards programme is a huge step for any company. That’s why we offer a strategy session to help you refine your ideas, focus on realistic objectives and prepare the ground for colleagues.

Our proven 6-stage model starts with ‘Providing Insight’ which then informs step two, ‘Creating Strategy’. Typically, we can help you formalise your thinking and make better informed decisions about investment and ROI by discussing the following issues as part of a consultation;

  • In-depth needs assessment and vision planning
  • SWOT analysis and organisational readiness
  • Defining objectives and KPIs
  • Understanding operational processes / tactics
  • Discussing perceived company / brand perception(s)
  • Building high-level financial models and projections
  • Determining the need for business case, financial case, board case

Benefits include – understanding appropriate customer loyalty tactics for your business, appreciating what segmentation of customer types is appropriate, mapping customer lifetime value forecasting, establishing a desired ‘experience’. In addition, work required to secure approval from different departments (sales / marketing, finance, the executive board) can be defined in a roadmap.
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