Effective customer loyalty programmes

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Our mission

Whatever your product or service, from a humble cup of coffee to under-floor material and electronic goods, our aim is to help you drive sales and improve profitability through effective customer-focused engagement, rewards and relationship marketing. This is about using deep insights, practical knowledge and sophisticated techniques to bring about organised, predictable, positive outcomes. More sales. Returning customers. A positive impression and referrals. Intelligent brand management. And great customer experience.

Our vision

Through our culture of customer focus, relationship and experiential marketing and continuous improvement, we will be recognised for our passion, performance, the quality of our people, and critically, positive outcomes.

Our values

One team – working together as one unit to deliver a joined-up and predictable outcome for customers and their customers
Customer focused – Knowing what customers value and want to achieve from their customers, and helping them succeed
Responsible – relationship marketing is about relevance, respect, economics and how you may people feel
Integrity – we are brand ambassadors and create and manage important customer interfaces
Pride – your product / service is our product / service and we want everyone to ‘love’ it
Fun – we want to enjoy what we do and for you to enjoy working with us

Our experiences include