Effective customer loyalty programmes

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Experiential is in our DNA

First4Loyalty is a ‘people’ business inspired out of First Event, a leading UK event management firm established in 1999 with. Quite simply clients wanted more than successful events. They asked if we could go further by building relationships, creating memories, a positive brand experience, smart engagement and loyalty. So we did.

For multiple clients in different markets, we drive customer acquisition. We create programmes designed to keep customers’ customers (B2B and B2C) coming back. We create ‘stickiness’, content and rewards as well as a customer experience that keeps customers happy and drives your sales and profit through reward management.

Rewards can be linked to actual purchase, or changed behaviour, or value of spend / relationship, or a mixture of elements.

First4Loyalty is a tech-enabled business services company focused on customer incentive and retention strategies. Our team works seamlessly with in-house sales and marketing teams, finance and client operation and branch teams to design, justify, manage and report on effective customer loyalty programmes that boost sales, profit, reputation and enhance the customer experience.

Our experiences include